lunedì 18 giugno 2012

be an ARTIST?

I work for the "terzocinema" concept. First of all you have "to be" then you can decide you could be an actor too. So my main activity is working hard to enhance a new way of conceiving actors and moreover to make cinema (I work as producer too). Following Kineofilm research on audiovisual: an actor should be able to spread out what life has set inside of himself. No more faking but feeling, no more memorizing screenplayis but just let life gets into the set and ketches what happens beyond any previously fixed behaving.
I also paint cause I believe that's one of the reasons I'm on earth. When I paint I never decide before what I do probably cause I'm an architect so I need to get free of my project's application when I paint. I stay calm and I let myself decide what to do without giving to my mind the absolute control on my "being". I use everything I have in the studio.. even some drawing pencils I have since I was 6 years old.
Sky, sea and the line in between: we usually call it horizon .. That's my favorite picture cause there I see my dreams, there I can figure how math and philosophy are sharing parts of the same meanings, of the same research. When you look at the horizon you realize that is actually not possible to stop yourself in a determined point.

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